I'm Katherine and I am a 'multi-passionate' small business owner and independent professional. I am a marketing strategist and small business consultant working with local brick & mortar small business owners, independent professionals, freelancers and service providers, creatives, VAs, soloprenuers, start-ups, and wannabeprenuers.

I specialize in 'big picture' holistic social marketing, providing value by bringing local and social marketing techniques together. My unique holistic combination focuses on connecting with clientele, increasing sales, building a 'go-to' reputation and making a more meaningful impact. 

My 'Build Your Vision' method teaches how to start, boost, scale or makeover your businesses, (and relieve anxiety!) I am pleased to announce that I am taking on new clients. Are you ready to grow beyond hours for dollars, improve your current business, or start a new one?  Whether you're looking for business or personal growth, a Build A Better Business program will help you establish and achieve your goals. 

Learn more about Done-For-You Plans and Packages and Done-With-You Programs. They are perfect for creatives, freelancers, start-ups, home-based businesses, small businesses, and non-profits without a full-time marketing team. Upgrade your business with one of my unique BOOST or MARKETING MAKEOVER programs.  



    As a small business owner myself, it is my passion to assist others to better fulfill their dreams.  I am an intuitive business strategist who guides and supports solopreneurs and small business owners to create a life they love and a business they love using creative strategies and practical tactics. I am the owner-partner of Cincinnati based Telemedia Technologies, Inc., (TTI) my family's business that started in New York in 1970. We relocated to Cincinnati in 2011 to our dream 'cabin in the woods'. We are excited to now offer our expertise to individuals and small businesses as well as to our corporate customers.

  • "You can have the enthusiasm of a new business owner and the wisdom of a seasoned one."

    Simple! I will help you to renew your sense of purpose about your business and your life. I believe that a transformational holistic approach to improving business flow, outreach and growth differs from traditional methods because of the emphasis on a meaningful outcome. 

    You are here right now, so I know that you have been ready for a change and tired of little incremental changes that yield no results. You are (perhaps quietly) wishing to make big sweeping changes, but you're not sure how, and your just plain unsure. Of course! Who wouldn't be? You need someone new to partner with for this stage of your growth. Co-workers, employees and even family may not be the right people to guide you through it, and you are just too close to it. 

    Objectivity, enthusiasm, and 'down-to-earth' methods will ignite your 'glow' and you will be able to embrace the transformation with eyes-wide-open! Doesn't that make you feel that spark of excitement at what you can accomplish?

    Are you ready to take the next step?


Personal Backgrounder

I am Holistic Social Media and Marketing Professional with Cincinnati area small businesses. 

Brick & Mortar, Creatives, Freelancers, Independent Professionals and Soloprenuers are all an integral part of the small communities that make up the city of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. 

When local businesses are supported, the whole community flourishes with its own unique personality. When you and your business are supported, you flourish too. I look forward to working together with you, sharing ideas and moving forward with your goals. 

Here's a little more about me. Each box below is a window into me, and my what, why and how.

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