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Getting Started

Starting your own business doesn't have to be confusing, or overwhelming.

Become more comfortable and confident promoting yourself and your business.

•  Are you a creative person contemplating offering your services, but business is just not your thing?

•  Does everyone say that you are so good at what you do, you should go into business? Do you have big ideas but just can't get started?

•  Perhaps you are a small business or soloprenuer just trying to keep up. 



I'd Love to Tell You More

I created Vision Builders as a multi-faceted marketing service for independent professionals, freelancers, creatives, start-ups, and solopreneurs like you, who would like a little extra support. 

Have you often wished that you had an understanding person to help you, with patience and in a judgment-free zone?

You can achieve success with a little more guidance, support, and accountability. You'll get one-on-one support in marketing, technology, and intrapersonal techniques that focus on the outcome. 

WHAT?  If you are overwhelmed, we can talk some more! With my 3-Step  'Dream, Vision, Build' you can start, boost or makeover businesses.     


get set!

Ask yourself …

1 - Are you are ready for a change?

2 - Do you know what you want? 

3 - Do you lack direction and support?

I bet your answers are yes, yes, and heck yeah! And you'll be glad you asked! 



On Your Way

What if you cant get going? Limiting beliefs become your reality. Do you sometimes feel isolated and lonely because you don’t know other like-minded people to talk to about building your business? Do you feel that one day you're on top of the world and can do anything and the next day feel totally lost and confused? You may get so excited about your ideas and then talk to someone who doesn’t think you can do it and then you feel hopeless. Do you feel like you have a million ideas and you're going around in circles? 

Are you saying, "Yeah, that's me! So what can I do? Where do I start"? You need a mentor. First, empower yourself and get the support that you deserve, by reaching out to me, follow the strategies that we create together, be teachable, be accountable, and you’ll break through those old patterns. You can build a business that fully supports your vision and your passion.


Let's Review...

So what can you do? Where do you start?

STEP 1 - DREAM - Awareness
   STEP 2 - VISION - Intention            
STEP 3 - BUILD - Action & Clarity                                                                            


The Programs




Intense personal work to discover and fine-tune your goals from the inside out.   In-Person only. 

Four - Week 1 : 1  Session



mini - session

Intensive shorter version.   In-Person only.

Two - Week 1 : 1  Session






Monthly subscription.

The Vision Builders monthly subscription program includes new content and assignments that are designed to help you to build your vision. Features live, one-on-one weekly consulting check-ins, weekly and monthly goals.

There is no contract or obligation to continue. Cancel anytime.

$57 Monthly


Reignite Your Business.

The new Spark 90 Quarterly subscription program includes new content, projects and assignments designed to SPARK a renewed sense of purpose and direction, and reignite your desire for business ownership. Features live, one-on-one weekly consulting check-ins, weekly, monthly and quarterly goals. There is no contract or obligation to continue.

$157 Quarterly

Which one are you?


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